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origins chapter three

I was on a roll, the coloring of that circus scene was shaping up and i was feeling quite proud,until……..i was stumped. Stuck at a point where i was almost finished then i hit the proverbial creative block. There was a certain part of this scene that i just did not know what  colors to choose next. I knew this is important.I was sweating, after all this was for the grand prize. Two tickets to Ringling Bros. circus!!!!! WOW.

I asked around my immediate family members, and to no help.Then i asked my brother….he was the biggest help….by not helping me. Now let me help you …get the facts straight. My brother set in motion the future of my art career, by his words………



this entry might seem to be brutal , but its the truth.

so your an artist? are you also a parent, or a parent of an artist ?

do you feed and cultivate their interest in the arts?

what comes first, you and your goals or theirs?

way to many times I  have come across a parent (s) who do not do such an act. and way to many times  kids are not cultivated to motivation.

the key words…….cultivate to motivate.

a society lives and thrives /stand or falls because of a generation that does or does not cultivate to motivate. would you not agree?

the future scientists, musicians, scholars  and yes …artists, are the younger or next generation.  true?

just look at the majority of the younger gen.,try to have and hold a conversation with them……most of them are employed in the service level area of the workforce, there communication skills are not that high and neither is their math skills.

yeah I hear you what does math have to do with anything? Well math is all around including art.

look. its not entirely their fault. Who is leading the next generation, who has shown the way to higher knowledge?

think about this….they are a REFLECTION of who we are and how we take care of them.

they all have potential and their interests should be cultivated.


if you do not…..who or what will?

appealing nature of art

what is it about art, fine art, that makes it so pleasing to the eye?

think about this…art makes us feel very comfortable and relaxed. Advertisers know too, that is why on some products at the store you will see an image of whatever the product is, say ,orange juice for example .  you will see painted oranges not real ones.

even though the advent of photography has since the late fifties early sixties taken over advertising ,the need for paintings are still in demand….and do I dare say, still needed .

why? What is the appealing nature of art that stops some people in their tracts to take the time and really appreciate the fine work? or when some look at a piece of fine art are really moved with emotion in both verbal and physical essence?

photography is still around and has tried to take over, and without a doubt there are some nice visual pieces by some talented photographers…….can we trust the photos? are they real, or modified in some  way?

maybe the very nature of how a painting comes in being ,the rawness of the picture.literally the piece starts out as a blank piece of paper, or canvas,  and someone has to create, from nothing…….a work of art.  it can be trusted, for the end result when viewing it in front of you,

a person can ”see” the results of the creators hands, and marvel at it.

and in some sort of disbelief ask…how long did that take?

appreciate art, appreciate life….you cannot have one without the other.












seeing red

No,i am not writing about Communism or being in an angry state of temperament.

But actually SEEING red.Correct me if i am wrong ,and i will have to do more research, the eyes can SEE the color red more easily because of having more CONES in the eyes that are 64% more capable of identifying the color red.Followed by 32% green,and only 4% for blue.

This is not a biology post but an ART post.

Think about this.

All life is biology. All biology is physiology. All physiology  is chemistry. All chemistry is  physics.All physics is …math.


We are a complete life cycle unto ourselves.

Yes, that number above is  the ‘golden ratio’. Man’s true number.An aspect that is used in art. So as you consider and hopefully ruminate over these words while painting ,both literal and figurative(maybe painting the town red 😉 enjoy life and enjoy yourself,knowing that WE are the greatest works of art walking.





an artist is an artist

We all know “the Great Masters”  of days gone by. WE consider that what they did in art to be the benchmark of what art should be,and how it should be. But what about pulp cover artists?

Ha,where did you think i was going with this topic?

Pulp fiction cover artists were classically trained artists,who were a victim of the times.The time being …the Great Depression.Writers of the time too were affected,being paid  one cent per word they wrote,that’s a different subject though. The artists of the day were in a tough spot,almost all those those creators DID NOT want to do “the pulps”. Back then it was considered scraping the bottom of the barrel.As an artist you really did not want any of your fellow artists or really ,anyone for that fact,knowing you painted those raunchy pulp story covers,as they were basically known . Those illiterate pieces of rag.

Can you imagine? being trained as a classical artist”knowing how to produce” works of higher caliber  than what the mags called for and yet….they needed to eat and survive. Tough times indeed. The covers those artists created and were published were racy and dicey to say the least.Now if you can find an original painting,,,they fetch big dollars.Only to collectors of that genre though.Even in the art market the work still has a stigma.To a certain extent i can understand,for who ,after all,would have a picture of some poor helpless trapped women about to be tortured,hanging on their wall,especially not in the family room.

I have read some of their biographies and for the most part? they REALLY did not want  create what they were creating.The words that they expounded,you can almost feel their pain. Again can you imagine ,they are painting and loathing every brush stroke?

All the while ,they would hope for a chance to paint  or the “slicks”,Cosmo,Better Homes,and so on.That was where they paid better and the artist got the chance to paint subjects of a more “wholesome” nature.

How much though did those artists really dislike their work? One artist,and i wish i could remember or find the article again,to know his name,,but well into the fifties he had a small piece of land with a barn.He was so distraught even then ,over the work he produced for the pulps that with his originals,took them into the barn and set fire to the whole building. LOL,now that’s holding a grudge!!!!!!

If anyone knows of whom i am writing,let me know,i would appreciated it.

Some made it to the slicks,some enjoyed what they were doing.They biographies are really worth reading.WHY?

Well,a person can get a really good perspective,on what it takes to be an artist sometimes.And if you are to prideful ,you just might starve.

We can always learn from history.

what time is it?

Time is of the essence.

No time like the present.

Time is money.

I could go on and on with such quirky notations about time, but…..i am a little short of it right now.  😉

What is it with people and their fascination with what time is it or how long does a task take? I understand WE live in a fast paced world,but when it come to leisure ….time,we are still wondering about that ever elusive element of ‘what time is it’.

What does this have to do with art or being creative?


You can imagine,if you are an artist,the countless times i have been asked,”How long did that take you?” or How long does it take?

It drives me up a wall. While they are asking that question….in my head i am asking why are you asking this again? Even though it might be the first time this one individual is asking,but it’s not the first…time. But i try not to be rude.

I do give an answer that is truly from within,and without trying to sound abrupt,i will explain that i do not punch a time clock when i am creating ….but ,lose all sense of time when i am creating.If one drawn line or one paint stroke takes all day,well you can rest assure that i was in a state of well being.Just me and my artistic en devour.

To feel the art flow from me,why does time matter?. Not to me it doesn’t.

Now for you what answer you give,bluntly or nor would and should come from your heart.What you don’t want to do is shun or belittle the person asking,that is definitely not good public relations. I say this because i know some artists are a little hot headed and stubborn,and have an in your face kind of attitude,again that’s not good relations.

Remember WE are all on ….this pale blue dot.