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nude painting

Ah yes,a different take on the same old words ‘nude painting’. Here is a picture of a nude painting i came across on the net. What a marvelous concept ! I would love to try this sometime. You know come to think of it,wouldn’t that be  great idea to have a painting workshop by the sea,where everybody is nude painting. Talk about freedom of expression!!



nude painting

white balance

Balance…..We are all acrobats. How so? Think about it for a moment……this idea goes along with what i wrote about in as far as ‘time’ went. Not enough time to do the things that really matter to us. And when we can take care of the more important ‘art’ related ideas…well…there just does not seem to be to much time. So WE must become …….acrobats.

Ever so precariously we walk a tight rope while there is a truck load of things to do on are shoulders.So when i think of white balance i think of that certain composition on the paper or canvas,where the main point of interest must be balanced against the ‘white portion ‘ or ‘background’ of the final picture ,to not only be pleasing to the viewer but to be comfortable with the artist.

Would you like to have more ‘white balance?’ You can. Set your goal,don’t take your eyes off it,lest you see the obstacles,then follow through.Stepping back every so often and looking at the big picture to make sure the balance is still there. I know what maybe you might be thinking or saying , ‘yeah ,sure the idea sounds good,and i make it look like it’s easy to do, but…….’ Let’s talk about that…. but.  It is not easy,repeat,it is not easy. The idea is to find balance and KEEP it.

Pablo Picasso, it has once been written ,of one of his quotes……”every child is an artist,the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”.

Don’t let that truck load weigh you down and throw you off balance,with your eyes on your goal and stepping back to ‘see’ the big picture and ‘stay’ an artist…you will succeed !

something old something new

Where does inspiration come from? For most it comes from just about anything that,well…inspires.

As it has been written a person should SURROUND ones self with what moves them to action.I have recently been moved by going thru some of my old art magazines.In the lonely dusty corner there sit a stack of magazines,that when new were great for their content,and then set aside,and thru the years i often wondered what i should do with them.After all they are just sitting there taking up space and collecting dust.

But i am glad for my procrastination in that respect.For within the pages i once thought  were marvelous articles only to be shunned have come to life again.Their multiply colored pages brimming with inspiration and very much so now…admiration,to all the artists there in.

For example..i thought i had a handle on my drawing capabilities,but after re-reading an article on drawing…it was a whole mag.devoted to the craft….i have a better understanding of how i can better MY drawing..The seeing….. and the need for MORE steady hands.

Funny we think we know it all..but we really don’t. It takes a lot of thought and humbleness to sit with an open mind and really WANT to learn and understand. Way to many times there is this aire of attitudes among those who,and i use the term very loosely,are professionals. Yes they have a status,but…..

One of my favorite pin up artists Dave Stevens, who had past away,and even though was very much a professional ,always sought to better himself up till the end of his days ,by continuing to learn and nurture  his talent. Still taking life drawing classes ,till he could not go anymore.

Another article,i enjoyed was re-reading and looking at his fabulous art murals..Alexey Steele. Again though this time reading,i find myself in a more quite mood to contemplate what is written.We live in a world where such luxury of sitting still just does not happen.Funny when at time in the local bookstore that allows people to sit and read while drinking coffee,i find that when you look at them they almost seem to be in a hurry.Then they put away the reading material and leave.

I am glad i did not trash my old mags,there are more art to look at and enjoy,along with the wisdom that our fellow artist can bestow.

I hope you too can find such re-excitement in reading from the past,take your time,stop and pause.ENJOY.

naked news

Did you ever consider being an art model?

Sure you might be an artist,whatever form that may be,but what about further educating yourself and become an actual model.This idea has struck me for some time,for myself personally,but it hit home now as i sat and watched a news item on t.v.

It seems that an man in his early eighties from Peru is an artists’ model,i am sure you can you tube the clip. He had been a model for all of his adult life.How marvelous!!!! For his age he looks fantastically well,i can see why the art establishment hire him. What an encouraging person,for not only pursuing the arts thru modeling but having the spirit to continue thru out his life.

So many people i have come across,who i would gladly pay a modeling fee to pose,simply just do not respond.One…i find it funny that…. that is the easiest way to make a honest living,by just sitting still and getting paid to do so. Two……but yet we live in a society where people take off their clothes, publish themselves on the net for the whole world to see…..for free!!!!!!!!!!!  Three…every time i have seen a self portrait of a fine artist they have the typical pose…they look very stern or serious or are at their easel painting……funny to me.why not do a nude self portrait for all to see????? but that is a topic for the future.

Portraits are a celebration of life.

Become naked and enjoy life,may the joy your art creations  bring you peace.


This post today is listed here in this category,for one simple reason.

To give something new( an idea of thought) to the old phrase…’art imitates life’. But really, is it the other way around ?

Oscar Wilde once said/wrote (or so they say,he said) ‘life imitates art…….’

Who really is imitating who,and does it really matter? So long as the beauty of the art can be contemplated and appreciated,and as long as the creator of such work enjoys the ”art of” creating. But should one suffer for the sake of their art? Does an artist have to suffer the winds of uncertainty in order to feel like an artist? to have a fulfillment? Should they not work at their art ‘smarter’ not ‘harder’?

It does go without saying or writing,that an artist must put all their mindset, their whole being,into their creative en devour,to suffer …yes…the turmoils of creating their very own masterpiece(s), tribulation very from person to person, and have various facets. To have the lines of hardship upon your face and the rough hands to go along with it,well…i would call those…an artists” tattoo.

Which brings me to the point. There is an old movie based on a book entitled…So Big.

The underlining story is about just such a topic….hard work and art.When i heard the radio play version of this movie i was floored,AND it cut me right to the core. It really made me stop and  re-think about who i am as an artist and where i want to go. AND what is more important in life.

If you get the chance i would highly recommend the movie and or book/radio play. Truly “listen” to the dialog it is very inspiring, and then ask the question…does art imitate life or life imitate art?

writing and art

Just a thought……..

You are asked to be the chairman of a special group of people that want the arts to start changing the world, but there is doubts that it can be done. Or could it?  How could it?

Would you like the chairpersons job? Why not give it a try. Write an outline on how art can change the world.

add something new to the universe

Knowledge and creativity are neutral.It’s how you use it, that makes it personal.

You have a life that is quite different from every body else,and because of your experiencing life as you know it,your story is going to be quite different than say your siblings or close friends. Is it not true that if a group of people are together and experience the same situation together,each person will have his own spin on what happened?

So how is it you have a creators block? Yes i understand that old saying “but it’s all been done before” or “there’s nothing new under the sun”. What stops you from putting your own twist on the “same old, same old”.  Think about this….there are just so many notes in music,just so many words to choose,or just so may colors to paint with,but yet…….in the 21 century,we still have variety.

Maybe those creators put their own life experience into their art form.Thus,creating something new. Could you do that? Of course you can.

The real question is….do you want to?

Now i know we live on this planet where “time is money”,but way to much effort of both mind and body is centered on it.Do you think maybe that ideology  hinders or helps the creative process? If profit and fame are our goal when creating,it’s safe bet that your creation will be mediocre at best.

So why not create out of a sense of urgency, to communicate and add something of value to the universe and for that fact the world…because it is going under for the lack of it.

Two last thoughts……….

The saddest words whether written or spoken are these….it could have been.

Alas for those that never sing,but die with the music in them.