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At what point?

There  is a new artist ( for me anyway, he is new) i have been following.

Ben Lustenhouwer

From following and catching up with his site info. and his blog,couple with putting into practice the applications of creating  better art from the wise advice of Mr. Lustenhouwer,I have been pretty busy.Among the daily creative force i have been training myself to be,time seems ever elusive.Never standing still,always moving faster.

But this type of ‘busy’ is a good busy.  There are far more mundane things to do in a day to melt the brain.I  am very thankful i am conscience of my most inner needs.

That is …….to create.

The artist i mention here had made painting portraits his life passion,and so does the teaching skills he posses. His art and his style along with his teaching method and gentle mannerism,speaks volumes ! It is my sincere hope that Mr. Lustenhouwer has continued success in his art !!!!

The life of an artist is not an easy one. Ask any ANY artist. Why do we do what we do ? Those who go to art school are admonished to study the  works of the masters. But rarely are they admonished to study WHY the masters  created what they did. What was going thru their minds,on their journey thru the life of an artist?

I read a supposed quote from Vincent Van Gogh……..the only time i feel alive is when i am painting.Even though i really do not think highly of his work,i think very highly of the man.

For when i read about the passion of the artist,it sets me aflame. For this is when they stop becoming “the master” painters and start being  an average person. Only by reading and doing some research  can their works and appreciation for them really hold fast.

At what point ,then?

Well maybe my point is this.You only have  just so much time,what you choose to do with it will decide what your future will bring. One of a fulfilled,never ending artistic works of art? Or not.

Are you conscience of your inner needs,that creative inner calling that needs to be exercised every day?

Indeed,at what point?

the passion

“I’ve been doing this for 24Yrs. know,and i still have the approach of an amateur.  I don’t do this to please anyone. (my Italics) I do it because I am passionate about it, This is what i love to do.”

The above quote is from a photographer who has been blessed with being able to eek out a sustainable existence in the creative craft of his choice.

This writing is not about sustaining oneself as a  creator,but to center on his ideology. In his words can you really feel as he does? can you really relate?

Someday i will expound on the  ( what i  perceive) notion of ‘professional’ and

‘passionate’,two words that when applied mean the same thing.

The last line in what the photographer states…..”this is what i love to do”

The arts. Where do you fit in? What is your passion? Where is your attention given? Should your energy be given whole souled to the field of choice?

You have been blessed with a gift. What do you think is a key factor to a person NOT wanting their gift,thus not using it to the self fulfilling purpose it was given to you in the first place?

WE are our own worst enemy,as the saying goes.

The soul ALWAYS knows what to do to heal itself.the challenge is to silence the mind.

Don’t take the special gift you have for granted. If you do two things will happened…

one; use or loose it,as the saying goes. you will loose the ability.

two; there will come a time when you will forget you even had the gift.

the saddest words whether written or spoken are these…it could’ve been.

The photographer,dancer musician,the artist.How sad the world would be,if the music and the visual entertainment( all that WE on this pale blue dot enjoy) would not have come into existence if those creators kept silent.

think about that for a moment.

But they did not!!


take that gift and run with it!!!!

take care of it and cherish it.

your muse will love you for it. 😉

giving back

Music is a creative art.

There is a brief independent interview on you tube featuring my favorite opera singer…..Darlene Koldenhoven.

As i have wrote in a past article concerning how some noted celebrities charge a price for their autograph,which brings about a certain aire about themselves to which they seem to…. cannot get enough.

Ms. Koldenhoven seems to be a real down to earth Lady, very pleasant and was more than willing to give grant a small interview right before her concert. One thing that impressed me the most was that statement she made about her signing workshops .Ms. Koldenhoven stated that she likes to conduct these workshops because….”i want to give back to the community”.

In essence Ms. Koldenhoven had said that she has been given so much and just wants to share her knowledge.Music has a positive impact and can positively impact.

So too with fine art?

What do you think?

I would gladly give Ms. Koldenhoven a standing ovation,for her humbleness.

The purpose of this writing is twofold…..first to share my thoughts on this great singer and two…..i cannot emphasize enough that as creators and as humans,we have to put these high and mighty attitudes out to dry.

We are all on this pale blue dot,and a fact we cannot escape……we are all humans.From rich man to poor,there  is no difference.