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pick a triad using those colors to paint a landscape,but not just any landscape,pick an artist who has done landscape paintings.How about one from say Vincent Van Gogh?

it would be interesting to say the least to see one of his landscape in just a triad color scheme.Or what about a Monet?

Why not ……tri  it.


how about painting a picture if the tools of the trade? In other words compose a picture of the objects of the painting trade,brushes.. pencils.. easel…etc. Now use only one set of compliment colors.

This ideas beckons back to the time of the  ‘slicks’,where back in the day those feature story artists would basically only use two or three colors.

Why not try it,have some fun.

your personality

try this:

your personality and character can be felt by others,but could you stimulate them by just visuals alone?

on a textured surface using a paint of your choice create a work of art using colors that would ‘characterize’ our personality. For example…what would your strength resemble in a color? or your mental make up,are you spiritual? what color would that be?

Pick the colors and create a picture 🙂


only you

we are on a roll now.

lets do a self portrait,using only the items we are associated with. so that if someone that knows us, well enough would look at the picture and know it’s your self portrait.

interesting yes?

for me i wish i could see your creations,there are some of you who might be fine artists,musicians,sculptors,different regions of people can create the most marvelous pieces.for example…how would a musician produce a piece of music that they could use as a self portrait?

wow!!!! to see all those pieces and try to figure out what kind of person they are.

why not give it a try??? what will you choose to commemorate yourself?

creative you

how are we doing so far?

this time around lets try something different.

you are the author of this next piece.produce a landscape using whatever media you use,now…add yourself in the picture. but……

do not use your facial likeness….choose instead,some article of clothing,one that is your favorite or an object that identifies you…… if others were to look at the picture they would know it’s you by your clothes or that certain object you love. or maybe it’s the way you stand and present your self.

give it a try.

designing a personal space

Need your own space? a place to call your own,a place to be at one with your creative self to enjoy each others company? Where is such a place ?do you have one?….want one?…..

If you don’t have one why not try to draw or paint such a locale and fill your studio with the items that would suite your needs.This is truly a personal venture one that will in the end say something about you…as a creator. Have fun…let the little kid inside you……out. and see what that kid can come up with.

You are special and deserve a special place to call  ” my own”.

inventive actions

This will be a regular category,concentrating on motivation to create art.We will post ideas for you to work with.Now remember..these are excersizes  for you to actually work on!!

Now this only works if….you are open to ideas and have an imagination. Shall we begin?

ONE:  The planet Earth has just been cleaned of it’s population thanks to the efforts of a Extra Interstellar Life Being who decided that Earth was a danger to itself.  So….there are now only twelve people on the planet. This alien creature wants us to get it right this time.To rebuild Earth and to govern the people wisely.The alien has one demand though…WE are only to use the arts to rebuild and govern by.

How would you and the other eleven accomplish this ,and what aspect of the arts would be used? And for what purpose?


TWO: You have just been selected by an Extra Alien Life form to help him understand what life on Earth was like in a certain time period. He tells you to pick a time line and create something that denotes what life was like..Two stipulations….one, you have to create using the arts…fine,written,music,etc.   two,if he is not pleased ,he will wipe out mankind,using the Patton Sphere.The most powerful object in the universe.

So….what time line,specifically,what decade would you choose? and…what would you create?