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you are the steps you make

Yes the title is correct.Think about it.

Creating takes effort.I don’t care what kind of creators block you have,your creation will not build itself while we are in the background.  Only until we actually move with a purpose,will we see the fruits of our labor.

Waiting for that certain moment or right inspiration to come along ,only prevents that wonderful time when you get to see the transformation of your thoughts into a hard physical reality.

There is a beautiful statue underneath that slab of marble just waiting to be uncovered.

Art has it’s own motivations and passions.WE have to allow it the freedom it deserves. Don’t keep it locked up,let it loose!!!!!


You are looking at a blank space wondering what to do next. You could have creators block or a distraction is set in motion that causes you to move away from the more important aspect,namely……….creating.

Now,in order to reach that perfect state of being at one with your creation( writing,music, fine art,etc.) you might have to eliminate five distractions from your life.Which five would you get rid of ?

An interesting idea ,yes? If they were eliminated,what would you do with the time they had previously consumed?

In this frame of mind, the age old saying “less is more” truly comes into play. How much “time” do you really think you have ? This is a finite existence,one in which WE should “use our time wisely”. Make the most of the situation at hand to create something.A friend of mine once made the statement concerning drawing and painting……”when i get into one of those “stuck” situations,i just put some lines down on paper or lay some paint down”. My friend was trying to encourage me to create for the sake of…..

Taking that initiative,of course, here the topic is also about distractions.Taking those first steps towards being a better artist are always hard especially if we are in a paradigm.

So, what prevents you from using your time in a way you truly desire?