origins chapter 5

so what was next? i had just won first place in a major coloring contest , and let me tell you, as a kid, i was feeling pretty good.

I turned my attention to model building and the T.V. guide. model building become a lifelong hobby.always loved them always will. that was the other part of me, being creative. to take a bunch of parts and by following the directions i watched magic happened right before my eyes.step by glorious step a perfectly,or near perfect, model was formed.

I can just imagine how sculptors feel. Michelangelo once said,well as near and correct as the historians tell it,  ” there is an angel  in the marble waiting to be uncovered “.

my very first model kit was of the Apollo module landing. this is the early 70’s,and in the T.V. guide there was an ad for buying the kit for 10 cents. Wow i thought, i can get a nice detailed model for a whole dime! count me in!!!!!!

Sure enough i sent in my dime and a short while later,back in the day, it was the usual 3-4 weeks. that was the norm for pretty much anything you ordered by snail mail, HA.

i remember like it was yesterday that was a cool kit,very detailed.

along the way there was also another ad in the T.V. guide for a drawing contest to go to art school. did I enter?

stay tuned.


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