origins chapter 4

……”I can’t help you that would be cheating. You’re just going to have to finish it yourself.” those words still echo in my head that my brother told me. and even though he is not here now…thanks bro. well that’s exactly what i did. Now at the time i did not think of what the odds were back in the day< the early 70’s, when newspapers were the only hard source for info. so the paper had a wide distribution throughout Chicago. How many kids really did enter the contest?

It had to be an awful lot.there comes a time when the finer details of past life start to fade as age gets the better of us,so i cannot recall how long it took from the time i mailed my masterpiece till that fateful day i received word that i…..had one first prize!!!!!!!!

yes sir, i was the most happiest kid at that moment.

Can you imagine what that did for my artistic ego? or any kids?

well i can tell you i was feeling pretty proud !

I never did stop coloring through all my life. every one in awhile i just sit and color with my crayons. it really is fun.and brings me back to a better it’s good therapy too,ha.

what was next?  model building and t.v. guides.

stay tuned.


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