At one point in my endeavor to be all and win all, yes it was that tough. To a child at least, there was a lot at  stake. I was never at a circus and my chance to go there was to say the least very high. And besides….I felt very comfortable in my coloring skills, I should be able to do this but…..I think I was about half way finished, then I hit my first creative block.

The colors were just not working out and I knew there had to be some kind of harmony, so I decided to ask around my family. By the time I reached my brother, he had gave me some advice….’if I help you that would be cheating, you have to do this yourself’.

And with that I forged ahead. Upon completion I sent my work of art in.

Now to tell you the truth, kids being kids, I went about my kid duties of school and having fun. So I forgot about the contest. until one day after school, I received a notice in the mail that I had won first place!!!!!! you can’t imagine the excitement I felt! And rightfully so, what child would not feel that way?

This was the start of my understanding my gift and what fun and excitement a person could have being an artist.

Then along comes another interest in art….


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