At one point in my endeavor to be all and win all, yes it was that tough. To a child at least, there was a lot at  stake. I was never at a circus and my chance to go there was to say the least very high. And besides….I felt very comfortable in my coloring skills, I should be able to do this but…..I think I was about half way finished, then I hit my first creative block.

The colors were just not working out and I knew there had to be some kind of harmony, so I decided to ask around my family. By the time I reached my brother, he had gave me some advice….’if I help you that would be cheating, you have to do this yourself’.

And with that I forged ahead. Upon completion I sent my work of art in.

Now to tell you the truth, kids being kids, I went about my kid duties of school and having fun. So I forgot about the contest. until one day after school, I received a notice in the mail that I had won first place!!!!!! you can’t imagine the excitement I felt! And rightfully so, what child would not feel that way?

This was the start of my understanding my gift and what fun and excitement a person could have being an artist.

Then along comes another interest in art….


origins chapter two

Yep, it  all started with a box of crayons. Back in the day there were a variety of sizes . There was the 16 and the 48 count sizes. But the mother load of crayon quantity was the 64 count. That was ,to me like the holy grail. it had the two prized colors I like the most.

The gold and silver.

As a kid I thought those two crayons were worth their weight in, well, gold and silver.

Now that I come to think of it, I really did not use them either. They were just so cool to have.

But that’s ok, I still had 62 other colors to choose from. Those were glorious days. Remember how fun it was to sit and color? I used to have loads of fun, there was just something so  special about the whole process of ‘creating’ a picture. I still find myself every once in a while getting out my crayons and coloring book to ‘create’ that special masterpiece. For after all as a kid that how I felt. I wasn’t just coloring in my coloring book , I was creating a masterpiece.

As I sit here and type this, a flood of good memories from those days of just coloring…… I wish the world would just sit and color in their coloring books…just for the day…be a kid, have some fun. Talk about world peace.

Anyway, back to coloring. Those were the days before I really started to be more self aware of my drawing abilities. One particular moment came when our local newspaper was sponsoring a coloring contest in their paper. A full size page to color !

First prize…..a pair of tickets to Ringling Bros.   circus.  The page  to color was a circus scene. Now back in the day the newspaper was fairly large it might have even been a double page spread. All I knew was that I wanted to enter. Thinking back , I  recall that it was a major task. I had to sweat it out. After all there was a lot on the line here.

At one point, I was stumped…..


origins chapter 0ne

It has been awhile since my last entry. The nature of life and trying to balance the finer things in life, namely my art has kept me quite busy  to say the least.

It’s showtime!!!!!!!

One of those life events is trying to get ready for my solo art show.

Which got me to thinking about how far I have come and where my  talent and love for art came from. Thus the title for this post…….ORIGINS.

I have been told  that I was always holding a pencil or some such, drawing and scribbling .

My ability to do what I do in art came from somewhere in my families past. No one in the immediate side of life is artistic. So it would have to be one of those ”it skips a generation ” kind of thing. I wish I knew. As far back as I can remember, at the age of 6or7 it all started with…….

A box of crayons.

to be  further lengthened…..