this entry might seem to be brutal , but its the truth.

so your an artist? are you also a parent, or a parent of an artist ?

do you feed and cultivate their interest in the arts?

what comes first, you and your goals or theirs?

way to many times I  have come across a parent (s) who do not do such an act. and way to many times  kids are not cultivated to motivation.

the key words…….cultivate to motivate.

a society lives and thrives /stand or falls because of a generation that does or does not cultivate to motivate. would you not agree?

the future scientists, musicians, scholars  and yes …artists, are the younger or next generation.  true?

just look at the majority of the younger gen.,try to have and hold a conversation with them……most of them are employed in the service level area of the workforce, there communication skills are not that high and neither is their math skills.

yeah I hear you what does math have to do with anything? Well math is all around including art.

look. its not entirely their fault. Who is leading the next generation, who has shown the way to higher knowledge?

think about this….they are a REFLECTION of who we are and how we take care of them.

they all have potential and their interests should be cultivated.


if you do not…..who or what will?


for those who are just beginning to understand themselves by the act of creating art, something that maybe you have never achieved before but at the one starting point you thought that this is fun, look at what I can do kind of mentality, I have one question.

has the novelty wore off?

is the pencil and pen that you used, collecting dust, or used for what it was made for, namely other than creating art? has the excitement of creating also went to the way side?

this world needs artists , and creators. the world is going under for the lack of them. pursue art, if not for the world then for yourself.

remember the fire and zeal of the excitement about learning  and participating in the art field of choice? remember how good it felt? want to feel it again?

well its not going to come to you unless YOU chase after it. its like this one quote I read,’don’t wait for inspiration to come to you, chase after it with a club.’

look at the accomplishments and strides you have made, see how good it is? take pride in yourself and keep moving forward artistically. you are worth EVERY minute you spend with your creation, don’t  let anyone sell you short. may the new year give you a new courage to keep pursuing your creative endeavor  so that you can have the peace and pride of your soul. you deserve it.