self aware

this entry is dedicated the follower and one of my biggest fans.

i have seen an artist born  today. and have experienced what Pablo Picasso said in part….. every child is born an artist…..WE all have the talent to draw,some want to draw,some can draw and don’t want to and still others never developed what they naturally have in themselves.

what i have had the marvelous experience of witnessing today is a fact ( in my mind) that if a person puts not only an effort ,but…. a true genuine desire to create ,they can and will call forth their talent. and what then ensues is a person who has a  smile,and happiness that can not only make a lasting expression on the observer but …i am sure on the person who created.

the very first drawing this person ever made is a masterpiece. coupled with the willingness to learn and the sheer joy of creating and learning,yes,i am convinced that WE are all artists,the challenge is to STAY one when we grow up.

So this entry is for you my one follower,your doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work!!!!!IMG_3500

P.S. i believe that at the time of the drawing, the ‘new artist’ become ‘self aware’ of their new found talent.


no matter how busy you  think you are,you must find time for reading. or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.

if you are an avid reader like me you know doubt understand what the above words mean. but lets turn it around a little and substitute the word ‘reading’ for ‘art’. as an artist does it make sense too?

there is nothing more refreshing than reading about those artists of (what seems to be ages ago) the hey day ,back when they worked for the ‘slicks’ or were pin up masters.those that painted for a living.going to the easel every day,doing what they love the most ……painting. yes i know,’that what they did for a  ‘livelihood’,but still i cannot help but to marvel at what they did and how they did it.

now the critical question is….if we are not creating or are trying to create for a livelihood,are we still creating ….period.? everyday? aside from the whole ‘i need to manage myself somehow’ mode of mind,do you still create? i am sure those men of long ago still created everyday when they  were not on assignment. in fact there is a modern day example ….Dave Stevens. when he had contracted a terminal disease,he still created (heck,he even was still going to drawing classes) all the way up to when he died.

now that i am thinking about it,not even the threat of death could stop this man from creating.

so what’s your excuse?

myself? i choose the educated bliss of the moment between my creation and me….. over blissful ignorance.