the passion

“I’ve been doing this for 24Yrs. know,and i still have the approach of an amateur.  I don’t do this to please anyone. (my Italics) I do it because I am passionate about it, This is what i love to do.”

The above quote is from a photographer who has been blessed with being able to eek out a sustainable existence in the creative craft of his choice.

This writing is not about sustaining oneself as a  creator,but to center on his ideology. In his words can you really feel as he does? can you really relate?

Someday i will expound on the  ( what i  perceive) notion of ‘professional’ and

‘passionate’,two words that when applied mean the same thing.

The last line in what the photographer states…..”this is what i love to do”

The arts. Where do you fit in? What is your passion? Where is your attention given? Should your energy be given whole souled to the field of choice?

You have been blessed with a gift. What do you think is a key factor to a person NOT wanting their gift,thus not using it to the self fulfilling purpose it was given to you in the first place?

WE are our own worst enemy,as the saying goes.

The soul ALWAYS knows what to do to heal itself.the challenge is to silence the mind.

Don’t take the special gift you have for granted. If you do two things will happened…

one; use or loose it,as the saying goes. you will loose the ability.

two; there will come a time when you will forget you even had the gift.

the saddest words whether written or spoken are these…it could’ve been.

The photographer,dancer musician,the artist.How sad the world would be,if the music and the visual entertainment( all that WE on this pale blue dot enjoy) would not have come into existence if those creators kept silent.

think about that for a moment.

But they did not!!


take that gift and run with it!!!!

take care of it and cherish it.

your muse will love you for it. 😉

if people only knew

a quote from Michael Angelo,or so it is believed to be from him , reads……..

“if people would only know how hard i work at my art they would not find it so amazing”.


way to many times people who look at my artwork,marvel at the pieces they see,but do not consider the seriousness of what i (we as artists) do as a creative person(s).

then comes the question of,how much time does a certain piece take?

a musician, a dancer,etc….ANY visual and or performing person(s) have to spend a huge amount of time and energy in their field. and even when they achieve a ‘professional’ status ( to me it’s ONLY a title) they still have to ‘work ‘at what they do.

yes, work. it’s a satisfying ‘work’ nonetheless . how many people can really say that? that at the end of the day you might be tired, but the end result is truly gratifying.

just think about this for a moment. any visual or performing art (s) takes a person years of practice and study to achieve a certain level they desire and then it  still is not  over. more practice and more study.

a lifetime on going process.

so one reply to ‘how long does it take?’ perhaps a reply like this is in order…..

“it took a lifetime”.

these words are written for,not only for the purpose of self expression,(but as those creators know and are  well aware of what has been expressed here) that those who might one day meet an artist or perhaps gaze upon the work of theirs,to stop and ponder the words above…..

If people only knew how hard i work at my art,they would  not find it so amazing.

there beautiful

”There beautiful”

the above quote is from the owner of the building where i am renting a space for my ‘studio’, a loose term,  but i digress. he voiced himself as such when he happened to notice my value studies i am working on for some portraits.

those two words were heartfelt and sincere. I have  seen his art collection,this man is an intelligent art collector.

I was honored and humbled. but i am not writing about’s the idea that if someone is so moved by what we create,should it not act as a fortification to keep going ? not for the sole purpose of wanting to please  anyone,for after all we create for our own sake.those words should act as an incentive,knowing that  ” hey,my work is and has value,and that my creative work is out reaching and affects others ! ”

as i have written in past articles about the idea of where would we be, if as a human race,those with a talent keep quite and to themselves ? EVERYONE likes music and visual entertainment. i know i am grateful to those who create and hope they continue. for me, some of what they produce is inspiration.

That’s the point. get it?

What you do has the power to ‘touch’ someone.

that is a very powerful position to be in. shall we be self centered, only looking out for number one and what we can grab out of this society? if that is why you create,that is very sad indeed.

but if if those perceive what you do with emotion and express that emotion to you,even if by two simple words as above. that speaks volumes.

would you not agree?

so the next you are moved by someone creative,think, that by way of your creation you can move others too.

being self aware

Being self aware is very important.Not only of the idea of who we are and where we fit into the scheme of things,but also as artists.Who are we? What makes you and artist,musician,dancer and so on?

Is it your drive to be more,as the saying goes…be all you can be? Why is it important to you to have self expression? When you answer these questions,and only you can best provide them, always remember …why you do, what you do, is very important.Let me write that again, VERY IMPORTANT.

In the red shoes classic movie,the dance instructor had asked a potential newcomer to the troupe,” why do you dance?”   her reply……”why do you eat?”  The instructor looked at her for a brief moment and said,”because i have to”. There was silence between them,and the instructor understood.

Do you understand? Is this how you feel?

I will tell you one thing,about 50 years prior to this movie,Vincent Van Gogh summed it up quite nicely…”the only time i feel alive is when i am painting”.

enclosed are some photos of the area in which i create,along with some paintings in the starting phase.IMG_3431 IMG_3435 IMG_3436 IMG_3441


pick a triad using those colors to paint a landscape,but not just any landscape,pick an artist who has done landscape paintings.How about one from say Vincent Van Gogh?

it would be interesting to say the least to see one of his landscape in just a triad color scheme.Or what about a Monet?

Why not ……tri  it.

seeing red

No,i am not writing about Communism or being in an angry state of temperament.

But actually SEEING red.Correct me if i am wrong ,and i will have to do more research, the eyes can SEE the color red more easily because of having more CONES in the eyes that are 64% more capable of identifying the color red.Followed by 32% green,and only 4% for blue.

This is not a biology post but an ART post.

Think about this.

All life is biology. All biology is physiology. All physiology  is chemistry. All chemistry is  physics.All physics is …math.


We are a complete life cycle unto ourselves.

Yes, that number above is  the ‘golden ratio’. Man’s true number.An aspect that is used in art. So as you consider and hopefully ruminate over these words while painting ,both literal and figurative(maybe painting the town red 😉 enjoy life and enjoy yourself,knowing that WE are the greatest works of art walking.






how about painting a picture if the tools of the trade? In other words compose a picture of the objects of the painting trade,brushes.. pencils.. easel…etc. Now use only one set of compliment colors.

This ideas beckons back to the time of the  ‘slicks’,where back in the day those feature story artists would basically only use two or three colors.

Why not try it,have some fun.

at what point?

A fine artist puts their whole soul into a painting. You know the kind of artist i am writing about,the one that creates for the love of creating. And sooner or later they sell their works.Do you think it’s easy for them to do so? a true artist will feel like they are selling one of their kids or some part of their inner being,it almost feels internally uneasy.

We all have to ‘earn’ a living,and to punch a clock 9-5 is easy,although the faceless corporate giant takes 8 plus hours of our life,we can recoup by walking away at the end of our shift,and try to regain some composure. But for the true artist that puts his life into a painting…and then has to sell his masterpiece,well…….that’s a different stroke of the brush.

The bond the artist has with their creation,why is it so special? and as the title asks…at what point?

At what point does the artist and the creation bond? the initial point of contact? during creation or when the painting is complete.So the artist steps back and observes the final result?

Interesting thoughts ,is it not?