giving back

Music is a creative art.

There is a brief independent interview on you tube featuring my favorite opera singer…..Darlene Koldenhoven.

As i have wrote in a past article concerning how some noted celebrities charge a price for their autograph,which brings about a certain aire about themselves to which they seem to…. cannot get enough.

Ms. Koldenhoven seems to be a real down to earth Lady, very pleasant and was more than willing to give grant a small interview right before her concert. One thing that impressed me the most was that statement she made about her signing workshops .Ms. Koldenhoven stated that she likes to conduct these workshops because….”i want to give back to the community”.

In essence Ms. Koldenhoven had said that she has been given so much and just wants to share her knowledge.Music has a positive impact and can positively impact.

So too with fine art?

What do you think?

I would gladly give Ms. Koldenhoven a standing ovation,for her humbleness.

The purpose of this writing is twofold…..first to share my thoughts on this great singer and two…..i cannot emphasize enough that as creators and as humans,we have to put these high and mighty attitudes out to dry.

We are all on this pale blue dot,and a fact we cannot escape……we are all humans.From rich man to poor,there  is no difference.


van gogh

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The subject……Vincent van Gogh

A marvelous movie starring Kirk Douglas.The movie was pretty accurate in the telling of his life story.But this is not a movie review,although Mr. Douglas does an outstanding job of acting.This is about the artist,not his work.

Van Gogh was a very passionate man about his art that he was creating.His passion for using color to breathe ‘life’ into his work,did that stem from his fiery zeal for God and to feel alive in  the act of creating his masterpieces? And zeal it was ,creating some 900 works?and only selling one.Do we have this sort of passion ????To paint and feel alive? to paint for the sake of creating some good pieces,with ill regard for the idea of selling?

In other words the question is…….why are you creating your art?

Creating an original work of art is adding something new to the universe.Think about that for a moment.There is a saying that there is nothing new under the sun,’it’s all been done before’. Really? has it? when you commit to creating an original piece,that is the ‘addition’. And that is where a very powerful feeling of satisfaction comes into play.

You must have that passion and fiery zeal…did you see the key words?MUST HAVE.

LOVE  what you are creating (painting ,drawing,dance,music) LOVE the process,FEEL the power,hold it close and don’t let it go.

If you believe in a muse,then so be it. Love her,take care of her,and she will be kind in return.But always  ask yourself ,why am i creating?

For me….i cannot begin to describe the wondrous feeling of joy and happiness at the work i accomplish.I step back and look at what my mind and hands have made,even at this late in my life and drawing and painting for most of it,and think ‘wow!,did i do that?’ Of course i still have to do a hundred paintings or drawings to get that special masterpiece completed,but when it is ,WOW!!!!! what a feeling…it is such a rush i  don’t want that feeling ever to go away.

How about you?

What’s your rush? 😉