an artist is an artist

We all know “the Great Masters”  of days gone by. WE consider that what they did in art to be the benchmark of what art should be,and how it should be. But what about pulp cover artists?

Ha,where did you think i was going with this topic?

Pulp fiction cover artists were classically trained artists,who were a victim of the times.The time being …the Great Depression.Writers of the time too were affected,being paid  one cent per word they wrote,that’s a different subject though. The artists of the day were in a tough spot,almost all those those creators DID NOT want to do “the pulps”. Back then it was considered scraping the bottom of the barrel.As an artist you really did not want any of your fellow artists or really ,anyone for that fact,knowing you painted those raunchy pulp story covers,as they were basically known . Those illiterate pieces of rag.

Can you imagine? being trained as a classical artist”knowing how to produce” works of higher caliber  than what the mags called for and yet….they needed to eat and survive. Tough times indeed. The covers those artists created and were published were racy and dicey to say the least.Now if you can find an original painting,,,they fetch big dollars.Only to collectors of that genre though.Even in the art market the work still has a stigma.To a certain extent i can understand,for who ,after all,would have a picture of some poor helpless trapped women about to be tortured,hanging on their wall,especially not in the family room.

I have read some of their biographies and for the most part? they REALLY did not want  create what they were creating.The words that they expounded,you can almost feel their pain. Again can you imagine ,they are painting and loathing every brush stroke?

All the while ,they would hope for a chance to paint  or the “slicks”,Cosmo,Better Homes,and so on.That was where they paid better and the artist got the chance to paint subjects of a more “wholesome” nature.

How much though did those artists really dislike their work? One artist,and i wish i could remember or find the article again,to know his name,,but well into the fifties he had a small piece of land with a barn.He was so distraught even then ,over the work he produced for the pulps that with his originals,took them into the barn and set fire to the whole building. LOL,now that’s holding a grudge!!!!!!

If anyone knows of whom i am writing,let me know,i would appreciated it.

Some made it to the slicks,some enjoyed what they were doing.They biographies are really worth reading.WHY?

Well,a person can get a really good perspective,on what it takes to be an artist sometimes.And if you are to prideful ,you just might starve.

We can always learn from history.

what time is it?

Time is of the essence.

No time like the present.

Time is money.

I could go on and on with such quirky notations about time, but…..i am a little short of it right now.  😉

What is it with people and their fascination with what time is it or how long does a task take? I understand WE live in a fast paced world,but when it come to leisure ….time,we are still wondering about that ever elusive element of ‘what time is it’.

What does this have to do with art or being creative?


You can imagine,if you are an artist,the countless times i have been asked,”How long did that take you?” or How long does it take?

It drives me up a wall. While they are asking that question….in my head i am asking why are you asking this again? Even though it might be the first time this one individual is asking,but it’s not the first…time. But i try not to be rude.

I do give an answer that is truly from within,and without trying to sound abrupt,i will explain that i do not punch a time clock when i am creating ….but ,lose all sense of time when i am creating.If one drawn line or one paint stroke takes all day,well you can rest assure that i was in a state of well being.Just me and my artistic en devour.

To feel the art flow from me,why does time matter?. Not to me it doesn’t.

Now for you what answer you give,bluntly or nor would and should come from your heart.What you don’t want to do is shun or belittle the person asking,that is definitely not good public relations. I say this because i know some artists are a little hot headed and stubborn,and have an in your face kind of attitude,again that’s not good relations.

Remember WE are all on ….this pale blue dot.

self aware

Really? you might be thinking with this post title. I am self aware…but,are you really?

I want you to reflect a moment on this simple idea of ……art and popularity.Now whatever your form of creative talent might be,or that of the other person,and you or they have been blessed with a comfortable life and popularity because of your talent…should you be so arrogant as to charge for your autograph?

Are we not all aware(there’s that word ) that, one…WE are all on the same playing field? meaning,we are all humans on the same planet.Yes there are some who may seem better(talent wise,appearance,etc,etc.) but until there is truly some being on this planet that is truly ‘superhuman’,it just means that someone of stature has honed in and nurtured their gift.They spent time in other words to perfect their talent.

We all could do that.

So why is it that some of those who seem to be’ well off ‘ have the mindset to ‘charge’ a price for their autograph,and why do people pay them? for if it was not for the ‘people’ actually helping them to achieve their status they would not be in that favored spot they are in.

There is absolutely no reason to charge for your signature AND there is no reason to pay for it.

The above is written on the heels of a recent event in Chicago,where creators are gathered and are charging for autographs.A ridiculous amount too!!!!

I mock those that pay for it also,can you just see the look on their faces after walking away ( happily) paying up to $80 to get someones autograph? ” wow,meeting so  and so was great,i even got his signature!!!!!!”……..HAHAHAHAHAHA

Now look,i am writing this because i was in that kind of position.I was asked by someone if i could create a little something,a drawing perhaps,and sign it.Essentially this person was asking for my autograph. I was honored and happily obliged. I created a small piece 5x 7 and signed it.

It not only makes good sense to be ‘approachable’ so that they can keep coming back if they need any of my talent to help them or entertain. But it’s also good business sense.

I am not trying to blow my own horn here but…a fact is a fact.If someone helps you get ahead in life,why not show your appreciation,and give a little back ?

I always look at life as a two way street,if i help someone and meet them somewhere up ahead ..well i just hope they would show some appreciation,kindness, etc.

In closing,  the picture here is  the work of art i (gasp!!!! gave away, hehehe) made for my fan.



why not give a little
why not give a little

something old something new

Where does inspiration come from? For most it comes from just about anything that,well…inspires.

As it has been written a person should SURROUND ones self with what moves them to action.I have recently been moved by going thru some of my old art magazines.In the lonely dusty corner there sit a stack of magazines,that when new were great for their content,and then set aside,and thru the years i often wondered what i should do with them.After all they are just sitting there taking up space and collecting dust.

But i am glad for my procrastination in that respect.For within the pages i once thought  were marvelous articles only to be shunned have come to life again.Their multiply colored pages brimming with inspiration and very much so now…admiration,to all the artists there in.

For example..i thought i had a handle on my drawing capabilities,but after re-reading an article on drawing…it was a whole mag.devoted to the craft….i have a better understanding of how i can better MY drawing..The seeing….. and the need for MORE steady hands.

Funny we think we know it all..but we really don’t. It takes a lot of thought and humbleness to sit with an open mind and really WANT to learn and understand. Way to many times there is this aire of attitudes among those who,and i use the term very loosely,are professionals. Yes they have a status,but…..

One of my favorite pin up artists Dave Stevens, who had past away,and even though was very much a professional ,always sought to better himself up till the end of his days ,by continuing to learn and nurture  his talent. Still taking life drawing classes ,till he could not go anymore.

Another article,i enjoyed was re-reading and looking at his fabulous art murals..Alexey Steele. Again though this time reading,i find myself in a more quite mood to contemplate what is written.We live in a world where such luxury of sitting still just does not happen.Funny when at time in the local bookstore that allows people to sit and read while drinking coffee,i find that when you look at them they almost seem to be in a hurry.Then they put away the reading material and leave.

I am glad i did not trash my old mags,there are more art to look at and enjoy,along with the wisdom that our fellow artist can bestow.

I hope you too can find such re-excitement in reading from the past,take your time,stop and pause.ENJOY.

naked news

Did you ever consider being an art model?

Sure you might be an artist,whatever form that may be,but what about further educating yourself and become an actual model.This idea has struck me for some time,for myself personally,but it hit home now as i sat and watched a news item on t.v.

It seems that an man in his early eighties from Peru is an artists’ model,i am sure you can you tube the clip. He had been a model for all of his adult life.How marvelous!!!! For his age he looks fantastically well,i can see why the art establishment hire him. What an encouraging person,for not only pursuing the arts thru modeling but having the spirit to continue thru out his life.

So many people i have come across,who i would gladly pay a modeling fee to pose,simply just do not respond.One…i find it funny that…. that is the easiest way to make a honest living,by just sitting still and getting paid to do so. Two……but yet we live in a society where people take off their clothes, publish themselves on the net for the whole world to see…..for free!!!!!!!!!!!  Three…every time i have seen a self portrait of a fine artist they have the typical pose…they look very stern or serious or are at their easel painting……funny to me.why not do a nude self portrait for all to see????? but that is a topic for the future.

Portraits are a celebration of life.

Become naked and enjoy life,may the joy your art creations  bring you peace.