There comes a time in every artists’ life when they become bogged down.Of course the daily strife of living does not help,especially when we are a very solitary sort of creatures,and when we get stumped as to what to do next creatively,well it can become a little depressing.

An artist friend of mine once told me that……”just put down some lines,anything……” well at this point now is when i am reflecting on those words. What a wonderful set of words they are,i am in a little slump right now,so what i did was i got out a little bit of oils,a very limited pallet of colors and i just created two small,roughly 3×5, paintings of some figures. These are very loose just practices,nothing formal.But….wow!!!!! what a boost!!!! and it was fun too!!!!

For me it is painting,for you it might be something else that you are creative at.But no matter what it is,just put down some lines.  And have fun…it will do a world of good…..try it.

There is a saying i read  some time ago…if you want inspiration,SURROUND yourself with something that inspires you.Almost, if you can, cover yourself in that inspiration, like a blanket.Let it comfort you,hold you and caress you. THEN…….ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guarantee that once you start the process of creating again,you will feel good and you won’t want to stop.

Till next time,

may your muse always be with you.

only you

we are on a roll now.

lets do a self portrait,using only the items we are associated with. so that if someone that knows us, well enough would look at the picture and know it’s your self portrait.

interesting yes?

for me i wish i could see your creations,there are some of you who might be fine artists,musicians,sculptors,different regions of people can create the most marvelous pieces.for example…how would a musician produce a piece of music that they could use as a self portrait?

wow!!!! to see all those pieces and try to figure out what kind of person they are.

why not give it a try??? what will you choose to commemorate yourself?

creative you

how are we doing so far?

this time around lets try something different.

you are the author of this next piece.produce a landscape using whatever media you use,now…add yourself in the picture. but……

do not use your facial likeness….choose instead,some article of clothing,one that is your favorite or an object that identifies you…… if others were to look at the picture they would know it’s you by your clothes or that certain object you love. or maybe it’s the way you stand and present your self.

give it a try.


Art is the motivation to illuminate the human condition.

What is the human condition? Could it be a longing? spiritual?  physical? or something else?

or…perhaps all of the above.

One thing is for sure We all want to feel satisfied and comfortable.That is a base human condition that anyone can identify with.

How does this fit in with art and those who create? It is this……there is nothing more satisfying and comfortable than accomplishing your creative goal(s). To stand back and see how marvelous a creation can be,especially if you are the one that is the artist.

Why would anyone deny themselves,or others that wonderful feeling?

In terms of self procrastination or simply giving up or self defeat,the day job,lack of self confidence,blah blah blah.

The self inflicted mentality of NOT creating robs you of that great feeling  that comes from seeing your creation thru to it’s completion..

DON”T DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! pick up whatever your medium is,start now!!!do not deny your self that certain illumination that WILL motivate YOUR human condition.

be creative

be at ease

Enjoy your self

Create,because only YOU,you are the one that matters.


The only way to experience this joy is by DOING. You art is not going to materialize by itself.

So give it a try!!!!!!!!!!

Regrets are the tears of the choices NOT made and of good deeds left undone.


This post today is listed here in this category,for one simple reason.

To give something new( an idea of thought) to the old phrase…’art imitates life’. But really, is it the other way around ?

Oscar Wilde once said/wrote (or so they say,he said) ‘life imitates art…….’

Who really is imitating who,and does it really matter? So long as the beauty of the art can be contemplated and appreciated,and as long as the creator of such work enjoys the ”art of” creating. But should one suffer for the sake of their art? Does an artist have to suffer the winds of uncertainty in order to feel like an artist? to have a fulfillment? Should they not work at their art ‘smarter’ not ‘harder’?

It does go without saying or writing,that an artist must put all their mindset, their whole being,into their creative en devour,to suffer …yes…the turmoils of creating their very own masterpiece(s), tribulation very from person to person, and have various facets. To have the lines of hardship upon your face and the rough hands to go along with it,well…i would call those…an artists” tattoo.

Which brings me to the point. There is an old movie based on a book entitled…So Big.

The underlining story is about just such a topic….hard work and art.When i heard the radio play version of this movie i was floored,AND it cut me right to the core. It really made me stop and  re-think about who i am as an artist and where i want to go. AND what is more important in life.

If you get the chance i would highly recommend the movie and or book/radio play. Truly “listen” to the dialog it is very inspiring, and then ask the question…does art imitate life or life imitate art?


Somewhere within these pages,there is an admonition to create art ,for the world is going under for the lack of it.

But what is art?and what does it mean to produce art,that is …to be creative?

For those of us who ‘stop and smell the roses’,we it seems are a very small minority.In essence to really stop and pause to appreciate the finer things in life,the beauty that surrounds us.Those small nuisances get pushed to the side and sometimes get trampled and buried for the sack of progress and or money and or there ‘are more important things i have to do’ mentality.

I can tell you this much..we are finite.Savor those moments when you can, by holding onto those times and scenes which added meaning to your life,and when the moment arises hold onto that too. Keep adding those special times,places,sights, sounds and aromas.

Now take it to the next level…with your stored file of positive reflections…create something wonderful.

Don’t take the time we have on this planet for granted. There is beauty all around,if we take the time to see it.

“Why beauty matters” is a BBC Docu. by Roger Scruton.  A marvelous, hour long program devoted to ‘beauty’.

You think you know art and what is beauty , what it means to be creative? watch this program,you just might have your thoughts re-adjusted. Ever so subtle it drives the point home.

One thing i did learn myself…… should be contemplated,not possessed.

I’ll even go a step should be nurtured,cherished and loved.

use it or loose it

There are some persons that i know of who(because of various situations in their lives) including their “day” jobs,has lost the will to cultivate and nurture their gift.

And because of the creative stealing chores that sometimes deadlock us all into slavery,they either forget or don’t want to both cultivating their gift they have.

Think about this…..the lyrics to “a new low” by Middle Class Rut is so appropriate here.  Review it and see.

Now let me ask you this……If someone who you know or don’t know wanted to offer assistance to whatever you have going on,would you ignore that person? Would you turn your back on the one that is trying to help?

Your muse is there……right there….just behind you, whispering in your ear.Ever ready to help.

A lot of people have walked away,and,a lot of people have stepped inside the circle (of chaos) of daily life,stuck in a paradigm  paralysis. Forever wondering , and wandering, how to get out. Forever forgetting their precious gifts.

Listen to your muse,she is trying to help.

But that notwithstanding fact….

Consider your RIGHTS as a person with a gift.

A right to silence

A right of space to call your own

A right of time,to call forth the gifts you have

Don’t take these right for granted,but exercise them. We all might feel as if there will always be a tomorrow,but the cold reality…there is no tomorrow…..only a brief absence of today.

If your not careful,you will be playing the game of ,forever trying to catch up. You will be in the circle of chaos.

So flex your creative rights,listen to the muse,and create something universally powerful!!!!!!!!

writing and art

Just a thought……..

You are asked to be the chairman of a special group of people that want the arts to start changing the world, but there is doubts that it can be done. Or could it?  How could it?

Would you like the chairpersons job? Why not give it a try. Write an outline on how art can change the world.

designing a personal space

Need your own space? a place to call your own,a place to be at one with your creative self to enjoy each others company? Where is such a place ?do you have one?….want one?…..

If you don’t have one why not try to draw or paint such a locale and fill your studio with the items that would suite your needs.This is truly a personal venture one that will in the end say something about you…as a creator. Have fun…let the little kid inside you……out. and see what that kid can come up with.

You are special and deserve a special place to call  ” my own”.