add something new to the universe

Knowledge and creativity are neutral.It’s how you use it, that makes it personal.

You have a life that is quite different from every body else,and because of your experiencing life as you know it,your story is going to be quite different than say your siblings or close friends. Is it not true that if a group of people are together and experience the same situation together,each person will have his own spin on what happened?

So how is it you have a creators block? Yes i understand that old saying “but it’s all been done before” or “there’s nothing new under the sun”. What stops you from putting your own twist on the “same old, same old”.  Think about this….there are just so many notes in music,just so many words to choose,or just so may colors to paint with,but yet…….in the 21 century,we still have variety.

Maybe those creators put their own life experience into their art form.Thus,creating something new. Could you do that? Of course you can.

The real question is….do you want to?

Now i know we live on this planet where “time is money”,but way to much effort of both mind and body is centered on it.Do you think maybe that ideology  hinders or helps the creative process? If profit and fame are our goal when creating,it’s safe bet that your creation will be mediocre at best.

So why not create out of a sense of urgency, to communicate and add something of value to the universe and for that fact the world…because it is going under for the lack of it.

Two last thoughts……….

The saddest words whether written or spoken are these….it could have been.

Alas for those that never sing,but die with the music in them.


You are looking at a blank space wondering what to do next. You could have creators block or a distraction is set in motion that causes you to move away from the more important aspect,namely……….creating.

Now,in order to reach that perfect state of being at one with your creation( writing,music, fine art,etc.) you might have to eliminate five distractions from your life.Which five would you get rid of ?

An interesting idea ,yes? If they were eliminated,what would you do with the time they had previously consumed?

In this frame of mind, the age old saying “less is more” truly comes into play. How much “time” do you really think you have ? This is a finite existence,one in which WE should “use our time wisely”. Make the most of the situation at hand to create something.A friend of mine once made the statement concerning drawing and painting……”when i get into one of those “stuck” situations,i just put some lines down on paper or lay some paint down”. My friend was trying to encourage me to create for the sake of…..

Taking that initiative,of course, here the topic is also about distractions.Taking those first steps towards being a better artist are always hard especially if we are in a paradigm.

So, what prevents you from using your time in a way you truly desire?